Winner of the American Horticultural Society's 2016 Book Award

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The Seed Garden will help seed savers to preserve the innumerable heirloom and open-pollinated varieties that are at the center of our garden heritage.

The Seed Garden

Edited by Lee Buttala and Shanyn Siegel

Featuring detailed profiles of more than 75 garden crops, The Seed Garden offers a modern guide to the age-old practice of seed saving. Simple lessons teach readers how to plan a seed garden, choose population sizes, isolate seed crops, rogue off-type plants, and harvest, clean, and store seeds, while more in-depth master classes offer a closer look at pollina­tion methods, genetic inheritance, and germination testing.

This book brings together decades of research and hands-on experience to teach both novice gar­deners and seasoned horticulturists how to save the seeds of their favorite vegetable varieties. Whether one is saving seeds for home use, sharing favorite cultivars with friends, or working to improve a vari­ety—in essence creating an heirloom of one’s own—The Seed Garden provides a deeper understanding of the art, the science, and the joy of saving seeds.